Hosting as a Server

This application requires a large amount of computational power (CPU), on-hand memory (RAM), and possibly the storage of large amounts of mass-spec data (Storage), so make sure your server has enough resources. We recommend using a desktop computer as a server, as opposed to hosting on a cloud server.

Internal (Organizational) Usage

If you wish to host a server for internal usage, i.e., within an organizational intranet, you can change the host IP to “” instead of “”, which exposes the server outside of the machine itself.

Public Access

It is not recommended to upload this application to the host as this program requires a lot of bandwidth and it may quickly overrun the quotas of the free account.

This server can instead be run locally on a powerful desktop machine, and then made available publicly using a reverse-proxy, such as ngrok or frp. This solution requires a web server to set up the forwarding.